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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Listening to The Derry Brownfield Show is easy!

1) The traditional approach is local radio, so check our affiliate list to see if there is a local station near you.

2) Next, there are several websites to listen from, pick the one that works best for you.
b) Genesis Communications Network
c) Republic Broadcasting Network
d) Accent Radio Network

3) The Derry Brownfield Show is also heard on shortwave radio frequencies 7.465 at 10:06am(central), Monday thru Friday. Also rebroadcast at 5:06am (central) on 5.070.
4) Podcast software now makes fetching and retrieving MP3 show files easier than ever.

To listen to our archives, go to The Derry Brownfield Show, to the near bottom of the page and click on the name of the day of the show you want to hear. This is only a five-day archive, today's show erased last week's show at this time. To get a taped cassette or CD copy of any show you hear, simply send $5.00 check, cash or money order to: Show Topics, PO Box 79, Centertown, MO 65023. Be sure to include return address, and name of guest or the date the show aired.


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